Who is Peter Luha? Interview for Muzikus

Peter Luha (48), je slovenský gitarista a spevák. Ale taktiež skladateľ, aranžér, producent, experimentátor. Človek, ktorý uprednostňuje kvalitu pred kvantitou. Nepočujete hrať jeho skladby v rádiách, ak však máte chuť vypočuť si kvalitnú gitarovú muziku z pomedzia rôznych štýlov, určite vás Peter nesklame. Vystupuje ako sólista, ale aj spolupracuje s rôznymi svetovými hudobnými telesami, muzikantmi a spevákmi.

Peter Luha in Slovak TV show “Klub na Trojke”

I was invited as a guest on Slovak TV to the show "Klub na Trojke". There was a very pleasant atmosphere, we talked with Katka Brychtová and Marcel Hanáček about my musical beginnings, guitar playing a techniques, music collaborations (Igudesman & Joo, Wiener Konzerthaus..) or traveling. Lots of pictures and video samples, I also played a short acoustic improvisation on my Klema guitar. 🎸🤘

Peter Luha – interview in Under World Music Magazine

April, 2013 – Under World Music Magazine

What is your creative process like?
“I like the inspirations from everything around me, but also from my feelings. Melodies always play in my head. Some songs arise in a moment, some of the ideas remain and come up again later and then I finish them.”
What are your musical aspirations?
“Always to have new fresh ideas and inspirations and the ability to express them.”



Interview – Independent Music Awards

April 4th, 2013 – Independent Music Awards /US/

What’s your definition of success and how will you know when you’ve achieved it?
“For me, the definition of success is mainly my satisfaction with my own creation.”
What don’t fans/audiences understand about the music industry today?
“Fans are victims of massive advertising and commercial campaigns. They don’t have to understand, they must buy.” …