Peter Luha - Viaje del Alma

Viaje del Alma

Title : Viaje del Alma
Release Date : September 28, 2012
Label :
Catalog ref. : B009KU7NQA
Format : CD

Debut solo guitar album with flamenco,
gypsy swing and classical influences.
Viaje del Alma was nominated for
the best instrumental album of 2012
in 12th Independent Music Awards
and awarded with Harvest Prize
in 6th Tais Awards 2013.

All songs by Peter Luha
except bonus tracks.

electric guitar /bass/
– Framus Tennessee Custom /1 – 12, 14, 15/
acoustic guitar
– handmade by Martin Klema /5, 7, 9, 12, 13/
electric mandolin
– handmade by Miloš Klas /11/

Dino de Valeria – cajon /3, 5, 9, 11, 12/
Jozef Gorel – congas, djembe, darbuka, shaker, caxixi, finger cymbals, wah wah tube /5, 9, 11, 12/

Cover Design: Peter Považan
Artwork /drawings/: Lucia Černeková
Producers: Robert Pospiš, Martin Sillay
CO-Producer: Peter Luha
Sound, Cut, Mastered by: Real Music House

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Watch videos from concert and release show for album Viaje del Alma, 20. 12. 2012, Hlave 22 /Bratislava, Slovakia/:

music guests:
Juraj Griglák /bass/, Dino de Valeria /percussion/,
Jozef Scheiner /mandolin/, Dano Godány /dance/..

Short document about preparing the album and recording in the studio:

Written about the album:

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