Peter Luha is a Slovak multi-genre guitarist, singer, composer, producer, guitar teacher.

His unique virtuoso playing comes from a varied mix of guitar techniques like percussive beats, slap, tapping and fingerstyle. In his performances he masterfully combines singing, beatbox, playing on a special guitar, recorder and percussions and thanks to the looping technique he creates a One Man Band..  👉 MORE INFO 👈

Superlativo chitarrista slovacco
Corriete del Ticino /CH, IT/

‘Amazing guitarist’

‘Die Formel I des Gitarrenspiels’
Ostsee-Zeitung /DE/

‘Full of the best you can get from a guitar..’

Bluegrass CZ

‘Every song is a story for itself,
it is like diary of one soul of one man..’

Under World Music Magazine