Welcome to our Christmas online home concert, with my friend Andrej Jeriga who played the bass guitar with me again after a year, broadcast on my FB channel on December 27, 2021. 😉🎸🎤

🤘 You can once again enjoy popular songs, lots of loops, guitars, flutes, percussion ..

So turn on the stereo, sit comfortably, spread your legs and relax with a glass of beer or wine. 😉🍻🥂🎸

Songs performed at the concert:

00:58 – Fragile /Sting/
14:06 – Layla /Eric Clapton/
21:51 – People Get Ready /The Impressions/
28:46 – Before You Accuse Me /Bo Diddley/
34:35 – Little Wing /Jimi Hendrix/
41:36 – Hallelujah /Leonard Cohen/

Technical equipment and instruments used at the concert: Boomerang III looper, TC Helicon Play Electric, Roland TM-2 trigger module, MOTU Ultralite-mk4 audio interface, 7-string guitar TheBone, recorder Yamaha, nylon guitar, microphone Beyerdynamic M88.

  Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.