Ildikó Kali and I had a nice online concert on Slovak Radio on Soňa Horňáková’s Folkfórum live show, and I also prepared a video of it, so you can watch the whole concert here:

The concert was very specific, because it featured set-to-music poems by older Slovak authors or folk lyrics, and in this form they will probably never be repeated.

0:13 Bloody Lady (Ildikó Kali, Ján Botto)
4:51 Romance of the Moon, Moon (Ildikó Kali, F. G. Lorca)
8:39 Cancan (Ildiko Kali, author of the lyrics unknown)
13:42 Morena (Ildikó Kali, Dlhomír Poľský)
20:35 Kalina (Ildikó Kali, ľudový text)
23:46 Margita and Besná (Ildikó Kali, Ján Botto)
30:31 Zore, zore (Ildikó Kali, folk lyrics)
35:44 Oh, I’m Black (Ildikó Kali, B. Hábovčíková)

The preparation of the online concert and a video recording of it was supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.