Dear guitar friends, if you want to learn how to play the guitar properly, get rid of bad habits, improve your playing and you really want to work on yourself, I’d like to welcome you to my Online Guitar School! ☝🙂🎸

I teach acoustic and electric guitar playing, from beginners to advanced. First I’ll correct your bad habits and then I’ll teach and motivate you and try to move you towards your guitar goals.

Learn with me guitar basics, playing with fingers, pick or thumb pick, various guitar techniques, styles, rhythms, theory, songs, solos..

I’ll be very happy to teach anyone who really wants to learn something! 😉

I use Zoom for online lessons, regular lessons are usually 30-60min once a week.





If you want to practice even more different guitar techniques, HERE you will find my lessons and compositions in TABs (alternate picking, arpeggios, guitar slap, tapping ..)

I’m preparing a series of video guitar lessons that helps to master traditional as well as non-traditional guitar techniques in a more interesting way than just drilling of mindless scale fingering exercises.

They are actually short guitar etudes and each is based on one guitar technique. In practicing these types of guitar lessons you can get a better idea how to use various techniques in specific songs.

Keep practicing!