Playing in Tonhalle Dusseldorf with Igudesman&Joo

It was again a great honor to perform on one stage with Igudesman & Joo in their project “Basar Bizarr” in Tonhalle Dusseldorf together with other great musicians, but especially with Veronika Vitazkova, with whom and with her wind instruments we went through the moods of the whole world!


HYUNG-KI JOO – piano
PETR SPATINA – Glass harp
VERONIKA VITAZKOVA – Woodwind instruments
PETER LUHA – Guitar and loop station

Under the motto “Basar Bizarr”, Igudesman & Joo bring a wide variety of talents, disciplines, heavenly and musical directions to one stage and give an outlook on humorous entertainment, virtuosity at the highest level and a lot of improvisation. The two comedy heroes are looking forward to their guests: the Czech musician Petr Spatina not only opens up new worlds of sound with a sophisticated technique on 33 wine glasses, but also world-spanning horizons in his compositions. The somewhat different piano trio Some Handsome Hands unites three pianists with the courage to be close to a grand piano. With wit and virtuosity, they bring almost everything to the keys. Most of them know him as the solo cellist of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and cellist of the Altenberg Trio Vienna – but Christoph Stradner will present undreamt-of talents for the first time at the Bizarre bazaar. Veronika Vitazkova is a flutist who lives in Vienna and loves to convey her passion for music through different genres, styles and woodwind instruments from all over the world and to put traditional, half-forgotten instruments in a new light. Peter Luha creates a varied sound mix using different playing techniques on the guitar and, with his Loop Station, brings in percussive beats, recurring sound patterns and improvisation in equal measure.

Igudesman&Joo, Upbeat show in Wiener Konzerthaus

April 5, 2018 – it was again an honor for me (and a lot of fun) to play with Igudesman&Joo as a guest on electric guitar in their UpBeat show in Wiener Konzerthaus with Wiener Symphoniker! 🙂

Lucia Briestenska’s debut album is coming out – January 13, 2017

Debut album of young Slovak singer Lucia Briestenska is coming out on Friday January 13, 2017!

The whole album was completely in my music production – I made arrangements, recorded all instruments – acoustic and electric guitars, bass, mandolin, flute, violin, percussion, keyboard and even wind instruments and keyboards via MIDI guitar and programmed drums..

The album will be very colorful and multi-genre from folk, gypsy jazz, modern country, rock, pop to funk. In collaboration with Peter Szabados from studio Sabik we have made efforts to the best possible sound. Lucy’s voice sounds fantastic, even in one song we sang a duet.
We also invited to the three songs really interesting guests! 😉

Mexico Tour with Hector Hellion

It was a beautifully spent time in Mexico. Thanks to my dear friend and great young Mexican guitarist Hector Hellion we had 9 common concerts or guitar clinics from April 16 to May 28 in Mexico City, Monterrey, Tlaxcala, Texcoco.

Video from our guitar clinic in Monterrey:

TheBone guitars – endorsement

I became a happy official player of TheBone guitars. Exactly such a small guitar I’ve been searching for years for my traveling. 🙂 Thanks to developer Mark C. Erismann from Switzerland! And here it is:

Igudesman & Joo, Konzerthaus Vienna

November 25, 2015 – it was a pleasure for me to play again with Igudesman&Joo as a special guest on electric guitar in their Big Nightmare Music. And now in Konzerthaus, Vienna with Wiener Symphoniker! 🙂

Persona Grata with Dream Theater at Prague Sounds Good festival!

June 28 2015 – fantastic atmosphere on our performance with Persona Grata at Prague Sounds Good festival. With Dream Theater and Black Star Riders, Forum Karlín, Prague /CZ/

Persona Grata & Felix Martin Tour

2 weeks lasting CZ/SK Tour with our friend from Progressive Nation at Sea – two handed double-neck guitarist Felix Martin /VE/ and his drummer Ray Rojo /MX/  in September 2014.