CD Slnko, hrej!


Debut album of young Slovak singer Lucia Briestenska in Peter’s music production.

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Debut album of young Slovak singer Lucia Briestenska is very colorful and multi-genre. 11 songs from folk, gypsy jazz, modern country, rock, pop to funk.

The whole album was completely in Peter’s music production, he made arrangements and recorded all instruments – acoustic and electric guitars, bass, mandolin, flute, violin, percussion, keyboard and even wind instruments and keyboards via MIDI guitar and programmed drums..

01 Ty a ja 3’38”
02 Kto hľadá, nájde! 3’15”
03 Kvapka rosy 4’52”
04 Priateľ 3’57”
05 Slnko, hrej! 2’48”
06 Rútiaci sa vlak 3’04”
07 Ťažké žiť ľahko 4’31”
08 Kvietok jarný 4’12”
09 Ďakujem, neprosím si! 3’20”
10 Zastavme sa 3’58”
11 Sunday 3’14”

Guests on album: Sima Martausová – vocal (02), Ján Berky Mrenica ml. – violin (05), Peter Szabados – steel guitar (04)



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