Persona Grata & Felix Martin Tour

2 weeks lasting CZ/SK Tour with our friend from Progressive Nation at Sea – two handed double-neck guitarist Felix Martin /VE/ and his drummer Ray Rojo /MX/  in September 2014.

Igudesman & Joo, Big Nightmare Music

June 28 2014 – it was an honor and pleasure to play with Igudesman & Joo in their Big Nightmare Music as a special guest on electric guitar in Grafenneg, Austria!

Progressive Nation at Sea 2014

February 18-22 2014 (Miami – Bahamy) – with Persona Grata we played at the biggest progrock happening of the millennium – Progressive Nation at Sea 2014 – organized by Mike Portnoy. With the most famous names of progrock genre!!!

Peter Luha – interview in Under World Music Magazine

April, 2013 – Under World Music Magazine

What is your creative process like?
“I like the inspirations from everything around me, but also from my feelings. Melodies always play in my head. Some songs arise in a moment, some of the ideas remain and come up again later and then I finish them.”
What are your musical aspirations?
“Always to have new fresh ideas and inspirations and the ability to express them.”